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DayLife looks like a very interesting new site for assembling news sliced the way you want it.

Mike Arrington at TechCrunch rips into it (even though he’s an investor) because, among other things, it has no RSS feeds. (It does have an API). I suspect that that’s because it’s conceived as a contextualized destination. Arrington thinks it won’t succeed because it won’t draw “news junkies,” which seems right. But maybe it’s not aiming at news junkies. Maybe it’s aiming at people looking for an online way of reading news that makes it easier to browse clusters of what they’re interested in. I think the slick, human-friendly look is a plus, although I haven’t played with it enough to know whether it’s going to become a permanent destination for me. My main hesitation: While I like it’s presentation of multiple sources and opinions, and i love it’s focus on clustering, I would like it to learn what are my interests. I’m also suprised that it doesn’t let readers leave comments.

Jeff Jarvis, another investor, gives a more enthusiastic write-up than TechCrunch’s. Craig Newmark is another investor. I have a lot of respect for Jeff and Craig’s understanding of, and commitment to, the news revolution. [Tags: ]

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