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Mochila says it’s doing for all content what iTunes has done for music: Enabling people to buy the content they need when they need it. It has a marketplace to let you monetize your “high quality” content. You can set rules for embargoes and usage [=DRM]. From the annoying promotional video he shows, it seems to be aimed at big time publishers, e.g., Redbook, Popular Mechanics and Enterpreneur. “Mochila has solved a huge problem in the media market: Licensing doesn’t scale…We make licensing safe and scalable.”

ThisNext helps you do social shopping. There are 60M SKUs. People want to help each other decide what to buy. At ThisNext users can talk about the products they care about. “McKinsey reports 27% of all personal conversations in USA include discussions of products.” Only 15% of us trust advertisers. “Social shopping is the future of online marketing and brand merchandising.” ThisNext tries to attract the “influencers.” You can see who’s making the recommendation and can connect one-to-one. [Did I ever tell you about the time a couple of friends and I started a company called to enable local communities recommend local services? Someday someone will get online word of mouth right.]

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