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I believe the software John Palfrey used at the BeyondBroadcast conference is MindMap. It combines outlining with superslick presentation quality. There’s an open source outliner that some compare with it called FreeMind, but on a quick look, it doesn’t seem to be nearly as slick…but it’s free and open source. [Tags: ]

2 Responses to “John Palfrey’s awesome outlining software”

  1. on 06 Apr 2007 at 12:55 pmxian

    The product is now called MindManager (I think someone owns a trademark for “mindmap”). You’re right that FreeMind is not quite there yet. I started out using MM on my PC at my old job (we used it to take meeting notes, build concept maps, and work on site maps) and got used to the keyboard shortcuts. Now I have a copy on my Mac (my new primary machine at my new job) and it’s pretty close but seems to lack a few of the really convenient keyboard shortcuts.

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