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Technorati has released a widget that displays of the top tags used on a particular blog. Here it is for this blog:

View blog top tags for this blog

And here’s one for my other blog, JohoTheBlog:

View blog top tags for Joho

(Disclosure: I’m on Technorati’s board of advisors.)

One Response to “Technorati cloud for your tags”

  1. on 06 Apr 2007 at 11:12 amBernard D. Tremblay (ben)

    In my second setup session with the upgraded extension for Firefox (from 1.2 to 1.5, here) I found a way of fitting things into my toolbar so the featureful presentation of my 1800 odd del bookmarks didn’t just clog my work flow. Opening a new window I found that the placements hadn’t been preserved. *cough*

    I have, since becoming engaged with Twitter, on a number of occasions quoted Lord Chesterfield’s apology for an over-long letter: “Had I more time it would have been shorter.” Which brings me to widgets, work-flow, and beyond … GUI and OS.

    It demands the mind of a Da Vinci to shoe-horn our potential into the viewport that is our awareness in the moment. Not that it’s hard to do well, but that it’s very hard indeed to do at all well.

    I really admire the code that went into the toolbar. I know how hard the folk at Moz have worked on bookmarks and such. (We’ll ignore history.dat for the moment … I know for a fact that this wasn’t ill-conceived, just overly ambitious.)

    When I think of Tag Clouds I find myself reaching for that precisely nuanced french word that intimates the space between “failure” and “wannabe” … inachèvée? I suspect we thrill at the prospect of widgets like this because we’re resonating to the innovators’ intuitions … forever optimistic (too often trusting?) we once more plunge into the valley of bewilderment and frustration.

    What can pay technorati and and others of their ilk more credit than that we invest our time and trust our data integrity to them? And perhaps that’s the nugget under the “Web2.0” and “coworking” blanket: trust … and shared anticipation.

    thanks for the heads up