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Why I like Twitter

Twitter limits you to 140 characters per posting. You see the postings of people in your social network. The limit encourages frequent postings of small significance.

Twitter thus sounds dumb.

In fact, Twitter is about the intimacy of details. Through it I see small events in the lives of friends about whom I otherwise might only learn the Big Events when we “catch up” after long intervals. [Tags: ]

One Response to “Why I like Twitter”

  1. on 19 Apr 2007 at 8:06 amJason Alba

    I agree it sounds dumb (I’m one of your Twitter ‘friends’)… it’s quite hard to explain, but once you have a core group of friends that use the system it becomes a lively environment. From Twitter I’ve learned of lunches, dinners, meetings, skills, new blog posts, NEWS (faster than any other medium), and even decided to hire a Twitter friend because he had shared what his skills were during weeks I’ve been friends on Twitter with him.

    If you don’t have friends using Twitter, it’s about as useful as LinkedIn with no connections.

    Jason Alba
    CEO –