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Media revenge

Dave Winer writes, “I want a checkbox that tells MSNBC that I don’t want any more Virginia Tech stories.” Exactly. (He’s making a point about checkboxes, not about Virginia Tech.)

In fact, for the past few weeks, as a part of my “stump” speech, I’ ve been showing a screen capture of USA Today‘s redesigned site. It includes a button you can click on to give a Digg-like thumbs up to an article. Great, except, um, where’s the thumb down? We want to be able to say to the Britney or Justin or We-Should-Teach-Our-Students-Judo article “No no no no no no no no.” We want to tune our news. But we also want our revenge. [Tags: ]

3 Responses to “Media revenge”

  1. on 24 Apr 2007 at 8:13 amPeter Bihr

    Ha, great idea! (Also, it would go well with the WTF-Button Kathy Sierra proposed in her SXSW speech.) What would the publishers have to fear anyway? It’s the best feedback they can get, and it’s even free… :)

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  3. on 24 Apr 2007 at 11:27 amPeter Bihr

    Saw your message at twitter ( depending on what mag you’re writing for, this might be interesting for you: It’s a UK non-profit with some pretty cool direct democracy web projects…