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Tonight I’m giving a talk at Quail Ridge Books (3522 Wade Ave, Ridgewood Shopping Center) in Raleigh at 7.

On Wednesday, from 6-8, there’s a get-together for bloggers ‘n’ others – just a chance to talk. There will also be some free copies of my book around. That’s at Yahoo Brickhouse (500 3rd St, 5th Floor3223 Mission St.). Thanks to Dabble and Brickhouse!

On ThursdayFriday, May 11, at noon, I’ll be at Yahoo in Sunnyvale for a public talk with Bradley Horowitz.

I hope to see you sometime soon. [Tags:]

One Response to “See you tonight in Raleigh, or tomorrow and Thursday Friday in SF?”

  1. on 08 May 2007 at 6:49 pmmary hodder

    hi david,
    actually the brickhouse is located at:

    Yahoo Brickhouse
    500 3rd St, 5th Floor
    San Francisco, California 94107

    for the SF event on May 9 (tomorrow night).

    the upcoming link is here:

    see you then!