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Rob Paterson has a terrific review and consideration, focusing on the book’s themes of power and meaning…which are indeed at the heart of the book. (Also, he writes, “I tried to put it down but had to get up and read it until I had finished,” which makes me inordinately happy.)

One Response to “Rob Paterson likes the book”

  1. on 21 May 2007 at 2:36 pmbernardo parrella

    usually this sounds as a compliment, and the temptation to do a non-stop reading is very high, i must admit — but this time i *had* to put it down from time to time, and digest a bit what i read, to let it sink somewhere & somehow, to get the book in my hands again in some unexpected moments…

    and also reading it in, yes, miscellaneous way, jumping back & forth, is quite stimulating — but now i had to finish it for my review, soon online in a very miscellaneous italian style and language…

    si, bravo, david!