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Google buys Jaiku

I like Jaiku both because as the second entrant, it learned from Twitter, the first entrant, and because Jyri Engeström is one of those brilliant, sweet people who make the world better in several dimensions at once. Besides founding Jaiku, Jyri has produced some quite thought-provoking pieces on the role of social objects in forming social networks.

It’ll be interesting to see where Google surfaces the UI for entering Jaiku microblog posts and where it surfaces the posts themselves.

And most important, of course, is whether Jaiku will be renamed Jaigoo or Jookle. [Tags: jaiku twitter google blogging Jyri_Engeström ]

One Response to “Google buys Jaiku”

  1. on 26 Dec 2012 at 12:04 pmSuvo

    Hmmm I would have to disagree with Anssi here, as I think that which scoail media sites that one spends time on and posts either personal or public stati in depends on which sets of one’s scoail group can be found where. I have noticed that in the last year there is not a monolithic space where everyone plugs in, but that many people now have 2-3 scoail media spaces that are tailored to which group of friends/family/colleagues are on which space.For me it is as follows:MySpace: Legacy music friends & music industry colleagues dating back to my music days all metFacebook: ugh. Started as web design friends who I know in person from conferences, then people from college & high school found me, now I avoid it like the plague. There is a reason I don’t go to reunions. Seriously considering deactivating my account again Twitter: Almost everyone I follow I have met at least once and consider a friend, most I see in person at least once a year. This is my most personal space as I am updating status for friends. Only recently have I started to follow folks I know from mailing lists or other forum (forii?) that I have not met in person but have been interacting with online for sometime.Jaiku: A few I have met but most are folks who made interesting comments and now I like and follow for their brains, wit, or fascinating sorted stories. The funny part is that I enjoy the conversations at jaiku the most.This upcoming weekend at Punk Rock Bowling in Las Vegas, I will go around and do a bit of a survey to see if folks have completely migrated from MySpace to Facebook or if they have several divergent streams. ;o)