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Fleck me

I spent some time this week with Patrick  de Laive, one of the founders of, a reinvention of Third Voice that looks much more promising. Fleck lets you leave comments and annotations on any site. Those notes can be seen either by the whole world or by one of your designated groups. It has obvious applications within an organization, and is a nice, open annotation platform that people may find lots of uses for. Plus, it’s a pretty cool implementation, and the upcoming one has lots and lots of miscellaneous goodies.

I’ve flecked the “play pen” page where you may be reading this post…

2 Responses to “Fleck me”

  1. on 10 Nov 2007 at 12:04 pmPatrick de Laive

    Hi David,

    Was nice meeting you too in the beautiful center of Parma, Italy.

    just wanted to add that the new fleck (what you saw) will be released within some weeks and is unfortunately not yet publicly available. Glad you liked it though :)

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