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Ebooks on the way?

I just published a new issue of my free newsletter. The main article is, entirely by coincidence, about ebooks and libraries — a coincidence because Amazon just announced Kindle, its ebook hardware.

The main article is a response to Anthony Grafton’s recent article in the New Yorker that tries to de-hype claims about the future of libraries.

By the way, Everything Is Miscellaneous is available for Kindle.

Also by the way, I just got a link from Urs Gasser to a recent conference on the future of books. [Tags: books ebooks kindle amazon libraries everything_is_miscellaneous ]

One Response to “Ebooks on the way?”

  1. on 27 Nov 2007 at 1:43 pmT. Lord

    The OLPC XO laptop looks like a great e-book!

    It’s certainly not pocket-sized (not even as pretend-pocket-sized as the Kindle), but has a 7.5″ screen which is daylight readable and 200dpi.

    Apropos: a little thing at on this same topic, featuring a video of Brewster Kahle of the Internet Archive extolling the OLPC’s big advantage to them — high res means they can pretty much scan-and-forget to make new e-books:

    (Direct working link to youtube video: