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Comments is an interesting idea. Currently in beta, it’s designed to let anyone upload any magazine or magazine article, and then share the content, using the familiar elements of content-based social networking sites (or, more accurately, the social networking elements of content-based sites).

The site unfortunately has little information about itself, so I don’t know what they think they’re going to do about the obvious copyright issues. The existing content includes the magazines’ ads, so maybe the site hopes publishers will see some benefit in being scanned ‘n’ read. (As an example, here’s a link to the complete contents of the current issue of The New Yorker.)

While the tool for reading is pretty slick, the process of posting to enable said slickness seems pretty onerous.

I’m interested to see what becomes of it… [Tags: ]

3 Responses to “Mygazines, because was taken?”

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  2. on 25 Jul 2008 at 3:46 amDan Thornton

    I’m not sure where they’re sourcing magazines from, but I’m guessing it’s not from any official source.

    The main reason more magazines don’t use systems like this isn’t because they’re against making their content available online (albeit normally for a fee!). The trouble is that contributors have supplied content under contracts which never took into account digital distribution, and it’s a nightmare to sort out retrospectively.

    It even affects the small magazine I help out for fun, Disposable Media. We make our content freely available on our own website, and on Isuu etc, but can’t put it on mygazines because most of the contributors want to retain some form of copyright.

    It’s tricky, because noone wants to stop anyone being able to view their content (and advertising!), or taking some content and linking to the source, but at the same time the employment and business aspects of media haven’t reached the stage where digital distribution has been included in a way that can pay the bills yet for many people.

  3. on 21 Oct 2010 at 11:31 pmAnonymous

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