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Twalala for Twitterflittering

Mamamusings points to Twalala, which shows you your Twitter stream on your iPhone (of which I don’t have), but includes what look to be some useful filters. For example, you can “mute” someone who perhaps is twittering some event excessively (= me). You can use Twalala in your Web browser, too.

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One Response to “Twalala for Twitterflittering”

  1. on 15 Dec 2008 at 7:09 amTJ Sondermann

    Wanted to thank you for mentioning twalala, and the fact that while it is indeed optimized for iPhone you can still use it as a web-based client.

    We’re still in the early stages of development and are currently adding new features. We’d appreciate feedback if you or your readers have any.

    You might find it useful to set-up twalala as a site-specific-browser using on a Mac or Prizm on a PC, many of our users have found this to give something very close to a desktop client experience.

    Thanks again.