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Tags made smarter, easier

Sarah Perez at Read Write Web has a good post about a service that “understands” the meaning of of your tags (Zigtag) and another that suggests tags based on its analysis of Wikipedia (faviki). These services — I haven’t tried them — promise to making tagging yet more important by making it easier to apply tags and by letting us get more value from them.

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One Response to “Tags made smarter, easier”

  1. on 08 Jan 2009 at 1:17 pmNicholas Manolakos

    Looks like they are motivating you to choose an tag based on freebase auto suggest tool. In effect guiding you and mapping to fewer tags.

    In freebase, based on wikipedia, these suggestions are mapped to types and properties.

    This will probably give more features in the future to filter though your tags.