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Academics hold office hours — set periods when they can be found in their on-campus offices, available to talk — because they are not required to be on campus except for when they teach. Since more of the workforce is adopting that work-wherever-you-want approach, I really like Whitney Hess’ idea of establishing of office hours for herself. She’s a user experience designer, and if you want to talk with her, you can count on her being in her office, with a chat client open, on Sunday mornings, 9-10 EDT.

More of us ought to be doing that. I think it’s a keeper of an idea.

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One Response to “Office hours for non-academics”

  1. on 29 Jul 2009 at 3:46 pmWhitney Hess

    David, thank you so much for mentioning my new office hours here. Quite an honor because I’m a big fan of yours.

    Just wanted to clarify that the weekly sessions are going to be on Sunday nights from 9-10pm Eastern Time. I hope you stop by sometime!